Mr. Halper’s background is suited to making money by investing in the retail sector of the stock market.

He has been active in the retail and apparel industry for over 30 years in design, sales, marketing and finance, and has always been drawn to the retail/apparel sector of the stock market -- investing extensively with his personal assets throughout his career.

After 30 successful years in the retail/apparel industry as a supplier, he has a keen ability to forecast future fashion direction. In 1983, he founded Body Action Design (“B.A.D.”), a ladies’ contemporary sportswear company that he owned and managed until 2003. As President and CEO, Mr. Halper was principally responsible for the design, manufacturing, finance, marketing and distribution efforts of B.A.D. nationwide, to department and specialty stores.

He began his career at San Francisco Shirtworks as a sales representative for 10 years and then founded a highly-successful multi-rep sales and marketing organization, The American Dream, that represented various west coast apparel manufacturers in New York City. Earlier, he learned the art of investing in the stock market through an apprenticeship at investment advisors Galaxy Group, and traded retail and apparel stocks for his own account for more than 30 years.


Jeffrey L. Halper, 
"Fashionista of Finance"